Westview School School has a wide variety of options courses. Whether you're into acting, coding or cooking, there's something for you!

Note: Some options have a fee associated with them; please refer to this year's selections below for costs.

Term 3 Complementary Courses - Grade 7

Board Games

What’s your winning strategy? This class will explore the history of games, types of games and the educational aspect of games, and help students improve their social interaction, communication and collaboration skills as they play their way through a variety of card and board games.

Students will be able to build their own board game using their understanding of rules and gameplay mechanics found in their exploration of the games we play. Students will also have the opportunity to create, critique and review a variety of board games as a final project.

Course Fee: $5

Film Studies

In this course, we will learn about the evolution of film by exploring different genres and filming techniques. Students will get the opportunity to express their ideas and feelings to an audience by writing their own movie reviews.

Course Fee: None

Let's Code 

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when creating a video game, app or website? By exploring the world of programming and coding, students will get a chance to create their own media rather than just consume it.

In this course, students will practice skills such as problem-solving, design thinking, sequential thinking, testing and experimentation. We will be using several self-guided websites with courses designed to teach students the basics of coding and to introduce them to the ever-expanding world of computing science.

Students do not need any previous experience, and a Chromebook will be provided for them if they do not have their own device.

Course Fee: None

Term 3 Complementary Courses - Grade 8 & 9


Come spend some time in the studio! Building upon the skills learned in previous years, students will further develop an appreciation of art.

Students will work with a variety of materials and artistic concepts to challenge their creativity and design skills. These materials include tempera, watercolour and acrylic paint, chalk and oil pastels, as well as carving mediums. We will further develop our skills and demonstrate these skills in a variety of assigned or proposed projects.

With a continued emphasis on exploration, students can work on building pieces that may be added to a high school project portfolio.

Course Fee: $20


This course will allow students to discuss perspectives of beauty, learn about proper care for skin, hair and nails, and use technology to inspire others. For each unit, students will receive instruction and assignments, have opportunities to practice their skills, and use technology to create a unit project about a learned beauty technique.

Course Fee: $25

Digital Design

Using Google Sites and Canva For Education, students will explore the world of digital design. Students will examine some common elements used to create effective and visually appealing designs in different media formats. Designs may include magazine covers, infographics, logos and comic strips. Students will then examine key elements of websites and create their own using Google Sites.

Course Fee: None


Do you LOVE to be in the kitchen? Then this is the place for you! You will learn how to make snacks, bake treats and prepare simple meals quickly and safely using recipes that you will be able to recreate at home. Fees for this class are used to purchase food and supplies, and maintain equipment.  

Course Fee: $25


Learn the basics of sewing! Students will learn hand and machine sewing, and will upcycle existing materials to create something new, including items they can finish and take home. Sewing supplies and fabric will be provided for the set projects.

Course Fee: $25


Never played the ukulele but want to learn? This class is for you! In this course, students will learn basic strums and chords by focusing on a new song each week.

Already know how to play? We will also be learning new songs and talking about different ways to interpret and perform them. This class will provide you an opportunity to expand your ukulele repertoire.

Please note: This is a performing option.

Course Fee: $10

Term 3 Complementary Courses - Grade 7/8/9

Ebert & Roper Movie Reviews

Westview School film reviewers are taking over! In this challenge, students will explore the elements of effective filmmaking and gain an understanding of editorial writing techniques through viewing films and writing movie reviews.

Course Fee: None

Leadership / Mentorship

Students will learn effective mentorship & leadership skills (such as organization, public speaking, patience, creativity, etc.) that will aid them in becoming responsible citizens. Students will be responsible for creating and facilitating activities that they will lead for a younger grade at Stony Plain Central.  

Course Fee: None

Outdoor Education 

Students will learn the basics of fire starting and outdoor cooking - safely! Students will build their own coffee tin stove and use it to create simple meals. Time permitting, students will also learn the basics of orienteering and geo-caching.

Course Fee: $5


Have you ever wanted to build your own robot? Are you ready for a challenge? Using a Lego Mindstorms robotics kit and software program, students will learn the basics of how to build and program. They will also explore career paths and post-secondary education opportunities related to the field of robotics and design.

Once students have completed a basic robot, they will be presented with a challenge where their own unique design must meet specific criteria. Perseverance and teamwork skills are a must!

Course Fee: None


Students will learn all about soapstone, working on a soapstone carving of choice as a keepsake for Grade 9. All the materials will be provided.

Course Fee: $15

Stop Motion Animation 

In this class, students will create short films on a topic of their choosing using stop motion animation. Students will create characters and/or objects with Play-Doh, then, using the app Stop Motion Studio, they will record these characters/objects in a short video segment. Students will take anything they create home at the end of the option and have a chance to showcase their creation at the end of the term.

Course Fee: $5

Super Snacks

Students will learn how to prepare snacks safely, quickly and easily using recipes they will be able to recreate at home. Fees for this class are used to purchase food and supplies, and maintain equipment.

Course Fee: $15

Surviving Disaster

In this class, students will learn how to survive a disaster - a Hollywood movie disaster, anyway. We will explore common characteristics of the Disaster movie genre with films such as Volcano, Twister, Armageddon and The Core.

Course Fee: None

Theatre Games

Welcome to the world of Performing Arts! In this option, students will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone and find their voice. Through a variety of games and play, students may find out more about themselves than they previously knew.

Course Fee: None