Extracurricular Programs

A number of programs are available for students at Westview School. Staff will often volunteer their lunch breaks and/or before and after school time to coordinate and supervise many activities.

Many extracurricular activities require participants to pay a user fee before participating. User fees will be determined, assessed, and communicated to participants at the beginning of each activity. 

Typical activities in a year include, but are not limited to: 



When Offered

Volleyball 6 to 9 September to November
Basketball 6 to 9 December to March
Badminton 6 to 9 March to April
Track and Field 4 to 9 May and June
Cross-Country K to 9 September and October
Journal Games 4 to 6 February and March
Lunch Intramurals 4 to 9 November to April
October to April
Speech Arts 8 to 9 March
Performing Arts 6 to 9 September to June